7 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

7 Things Successful People

On Friday afternoon, the upcoming weekend feels so full of potential. There are 48 wonderful hours ahead of you, and the possibilities seem endless. There’ll be time to relax, spend time with your family, do something fun, and really make the most of those two days.

And then, before you know it, you’re watching the sky darken on Sunday night, the weekend’s about over, and it doesn’t feel like you did much of anything. Even worse, Monday morning is quickly upon you, and it just feels like a continuation of the previous week. You’re not at all rested, and your mind is on all the things you didn’t do over the previous two days.

We’ve all been there.

How can you really make the most of your weekends? One way is by taking a close look at how successful people spend their Saturdays and Sundays. In general, if you’re going to be an entrepreneurial powerhouse during the week, you’ve got to use your weekends to recharge and do the things you simply don’t have time to do before and after work during the week. Here are seven things that successful people do on their weekends. Will you do them too?

1. They disconnect. We spend all week on the phone, answering emails, and replying to text messages. Having a smartphone may be great for communication, but it can start to feel like an extension of your hand. On the weekend, put it down. Yes, really: resist the urge to check your messages every five minutes. Additionally, step away from that laptop. I’m not saying that you should completely avoid communication with the outside world on Saturdays and Sundays — schedule one or two times to check in each day — but when it’s the weekend, leave the virtual realm at the office and join the real world. Unplug! No matter how successful you are, you can’t be on call all the time.

2. They also reconnect. Stepping back from technology for a few days opens up lots of time to spend reconnecting with family and friends. Work may be hugely important, but the best entrepreneurs know that people come first. You spend 5/7 of your life thinking mostly about work; successful people devote the other 2/7 to the people who mean the most to them.

3. They go on mini adventures. A full-on vacation can often be too much for a weekend, but still, it’s important to get out of the house. So, go on an adventure! Do it alone, grab some friends or a significant other, or get the kids out for a hike through the woods, some kayaking, or a fun day at the beach. No warm weather to be had? No problem — go skiing or find the nearest big hill to sled down. Those who are successful at work know that satisfying your sense of adventure on the weekends is essential to maintaining calm at the office.

4. They get some exercise. The sad reality is that many of us are behind a desk from Monday through Friday. We don’t move much, and that’s not good for our bodies. Take time on the weekend to get some physical activity. Go for a run first thing in the morning, take a sunset walk, or strap on your helmet and go for a bike ride. Not only is it good for your overall health, but moving your body can actually help you think in new and creative ways.

5. They make time for spirituality. I’m not talking specifically about going to church here, though if that’s what helps to give your life meaning, then you should do it. If going to church isn’t your thing, do something to recharge your spiritual batteries: reflection, meditation, whatever. Not only is it relaxing, but it can help you keep some much needed perspective. Successful individuals recognize that maintaining their spirituality, however it’s defined, helps them to take the long view — something that’s easy to lose sight of in the frenzy of work life.

6. They have a great meal — or two, or three. It can be hard to fit in a home cooked meal during the week, and it’s equally hard to fit in a leisurely night out at a restaurant during the Monday through Friday grind. On the weekends, use mealtime as a time to relax, unwind, and find some enjoyment in your sustenance. Whether it’s a big family dinner on Saturday, a relaxing brunch on Sunday, or four courses at the hot new restaurant on Friday night, give yourself time to take pleasure in your food.

7. They don’t let Monday hit them in the face. We all know that Monday morning comes around all too quickly, and if you’re not prepared for it, you’re always in for a rough start. To alleviate this, and to better prepare for the week ahead, the more successful among us spend some time on Sunday getting ready for the next five days. You should too! After the kids are in bed, or during a quiet break in the day, take a look at your calendar, block out time to complete tasks, and eliminate as many surprises in your week as possible. You’ll feel much more ready to deal with whatever Monday throws at you.

It may be tempting to spend your weekends vegged out on the couch watching sports, but that’s not at all productive. Instead, get up, get out, and spend your weekends living life to its fullest! If you want to be on your A game all week at work, you’ve got to use your weekends to enhance your personal fulfillment with life. Successful people know this, and now you do too!

What do you do on the weekends that contributes to your business success? Let us know in the comments!

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